Hello, reader! My name is Jonah. I am a psychology student and eSports writer. I had started at Novastream, which was an Australian entertainment website. It was there that the team decided to introduce eSports as apart of it’s gaming content.

The Novastream gaming crew split from the entertainment crew, which became ThePopCultrists. The gaming crew was renamed to JustGame AU and focused solely on video game reviews, previews and eSports content.

Here are a few examples of my work from back then:

MLG Columbus

Echo Fox & ESPN – The Effect on eSports


Do Video Games Really Cause Violence? (not eSports related)

After JustGame was closed down I was without a place to write for months. I had considered opening up a blog but I never gave it actual consideration. A few months down the track an opportunity at Echo Fox arose and I applied for it. After waiting I found out I was accepted.

I was finally able to write again. It was a big step, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to make the leap forward like that. After settling in and getting used to my environment there, I was able to successfully make the leap from smaller Australian websites to a big American eSports organization. Luckily for me I landed on my two feet and hit the ground running.

I am truly grateful to Echo Fox for handing me a lifeline and letting me write and giving my work the opportunity to be seen by a global audience. Although my writing is mainly focused on Counter Strike, I will try to deviate away from that and focus more on eSports as a general topic on this blog. Articles that do get published on Echo Fox’s website will also get published here.

Here are some examples from Echo Fox:

ELEAGUE Season 2 Qualifier Preview

ESL NYC Qual. Preview

Northern Arena Preview

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your stay.


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