REPOST: Tasty Whey eSports Update – October 28 2016



Echo Fox is the premier eSports team and is fueled by Tasty Whey, the best way to gains at the gym and while gaming.

Here is the latest eSports recap:

League of Legends:

SK Telecom and Samsung Galaxy are set to square off in the League of Legends World Championship finals at the Staples Center this weekend. Once the festivities conclude, the League of Legends off-season will begin. Echo Fox is currently enjoying its off-season, practicing and training with eyes on success in the 2017 campaign.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

The Foxes will travel to Atlanta this November to participate in the group stage of ELEAGUE Season 2, which sees them go up against Virtus.Pro, NIP, and G2 eSports. Success in Atlanta will earn the squad a spot in the ELEAGUE playoffs at the end of the month.

After taking a break to refuel with Tasty Whey, the team will be off to Costa Mesa to participate in the iBUYPOWER Masters, where they will come up against Cloud9, TyLoo, and GODSENT. Should the CS:GO Foxes earn a top four finish, they will qualify for the IEM Oakland group stages the next weekend.

Capcom Pro Tour:

Julio Fuentes, Echo Fox’s resident Street Fighter V player, currently sits 8th in the global rankings for the Capcom Pro Tour and 3rd for North American rankings.

Julio has been traveling to events worldwide to represent Echo Fox in various Street Fighter V competitions, and thanks to the energy that Tasty Whey provides he has been able to stay at the top of his game.

The Fighting Fox recently competed in the SoCal Regionals, earning a 17th place finish.

Other eSports News:

Peanut Gallery, an Australian eSports broadcasting studio announced the first women’s invitational tournament for CS:GO. Team Immunity’s female division picking up first place at the event.

In an interview with Malik Forte and Michele Morrow of Bleacher Report’s eStream, Echo Fox owner Rick Fox said that another former Laker could make the plunge into eSports, saying that the topic had actually come up between himself and Kobe Bryant.


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