PGTV’s 2nd WPGI – Thoughts and Takeaways

NOTE: only so much can be thought up/taken away/said etc. about the newer teams (Corvidae + Dakkas) and their performance coming into this WPGI – I’m doing my best but for deeper, more comprehensive analysis/thought process/whatever, I need to watch them in more female tournaments. I’m sure there’ll be more soon involving a wider pool of female teams for sure.

The time has come for the second WPGI, hosted by Peanut Gallery Studios.

The WPGI, for those of you who are unaware is a tournament hosted strictly for female teams in Australia. In the first tournament, we saw Dark_Sided, Ravens, Athletico and Team Immunity. After a series of great matches across the board, the Team Immunity side put on a fabulous display in the grand finals to win 2-0 in a BO3 series. They were then crowned the first WPGI champions.

Now, in the second tournament we see a total of three teams taking part.

The match ups were as follows:

Corvidae vs. Dakkas (15-19 on Mirage)

Whoever won the match between these two teams would then go on to face the defending champion of this tournament series, Team Immunity

The final match up(s) were as follows:

Team Immunity vs. Dakkas (Cache – 16-2 to iM)

Team Immunity vs. Dakkas (Cobblestone – 16-8 to iM)

iM win the finals 2-0.

With some great Counter Strike being played across the board, there are obviously thoughts that bloom after an event like this and opinionated takeaways to be made.

Let’s get into the juicy stuff:

Damn, Dakkas!

I couldn’t think of anything witter as a title. Anyway, not much was known about Dakkas coming into this event – a newly formed team (as far as I’m aware) that were invited to the WPGI was the only thing I knew about them going into this event. I had heard things here and there about them, but coming into this I didn’t know what to expect.

The Counter-Strike they played on Mirage was superb. On their T half they punished Corvidae’s defence constantly with some well constructed, seemingly very group oriented Counter-Strike. They had a game plan, they came in, they executed it and it worked. Their CT side looked relatively strong as well, securing match point at a score of 10-15. To me, it just looked like they couldn’t close the game out. However, structurally on CT and the T side they looked very competent and even confident going into this match up.

Despite the game going into overtime, Dakkas were able to close it out 19-15.

On Cache vs. Team Immunity, Dakkas started on the T side and were able to, once again show a strong T side performance. They were able to get onto the site but iM’s CT side was just too strong. The scoreline of the game certainly doesn’t reflect what happened in the game, but if Immunity’s utility usage, site holds and retakes weren’t on point then the story of Cache would’ve been written very, very differently.

Fastforwarding to Cobblestone, Dakkas looked to start off strong on their T side and did so, and went into the half at 7-8, before Immunity took control of the game to finish up with a 16-8 loss for Dakkas.

Dakkas look like a very, very strong up and coming side and I believe they have a great chance to be successful in the Australian female scene. Dakkas came into this tournament looking very strong & confident, and if they keep up the work, they’ll be able to unleash the potential and could possibly be a name that other teams will worry about.

Dakkas look to be a somewhat well balanced team, being able to get rounds on both T and CT side.

Their performance in this tournament was also done with a stand-in (?) in the form of Rainbowbunny. If this is the kind of form they bring with a stand-in, the question asks itself – what will a full strength Dakkas side bring next time around?

As for stand out players, if I had to pick for this Dakkas side, on Mirage it certainly was Mish and Dashie. Those two were hitting shots to open up Corvidae’s defence on sites and were just on a tear throughout the match. Saz was also an influential player in the mirage game and was up there with Dashie and Mish on the scoreboard.

(shouts out to Mish on that sick clutch, ending the round w/ a 4k)

This team’s CS play is structurally sound and backed up by some great aim, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us on other maps in the future.

A phenomenal tournament from Dakkas regardless – congratulations to the girls on making it to the finals!

no dak dak tho lowkey disappointed

Dakkas vs. Corvidae scoreboard (+ a few kills and deaths because the last round isn’t included in this scoreboard unfortunately):



Titles are my kryptonite, that or I’m not creative today. Right.

First and foremost it’s hard to tell a standout performer from this Corvidae side, because if you look at the scoreboard, the scores are so closely knit together. 23 on iolite followed by 21, 23, 21 and 21. You wouldn’t be faulted for sitting there and thinking how Corvidae didn’t come out with the win from this. Personally, I expected more from Corvidae, mostly because I didn’t know enough about Dakkas to make an accurate assessment. With that being said, Corvidae’s Counter Strike wasn’t necessarily poor by any means. In fact, I have to give props to Corvidae for staging such a huge comeback and taking the game to overtime.

With that being said, I feel like Corvidae’s CT side wasn’t necessarily up to par. There are some things that can’t be helped like Saz, Dashie and Mish going on a tear throughout the game, putting up a ridiculous amount of frags for themselves on the scoreboard and opening areas of the map/sites up. One thing I noticed in particular was the lack of retake utility in a few rounds. Utility is super important in retake situations, and without it retakes are made to be a significantly harder task. As a result, I feel like Corvidae struggled with retakes throughout their CT halves in the normal match time and in overtime. In particular, the round with Mish’s AWP 4k clutch (Round 8), communication may have been an issue? I noticed the last player looking at catwalk and then all over the place. Maybe panic set in at a time like this, which it can in some instances. Regardless, I feel like utility management and maybe positioning could use a bit of work to set Corvidae on their way for their CT side on Mirage.

The T side looks to be Corvidae’s strength at the moment. It got them to start up that comeback train and push for overtime. They seemed like they had a sound knowledge of smokes, nades etc. on Mirage to get them the rounds they needed to secure the push for overtime.

It’s still somewhat surprising that despite the score spread, Corvidae were unable to pull away with a win. With that being said, they played well in the second half of the game, and I look forward to seeing more of Corvidae in later tournaments.

Immunity assert dominance once again

If the last WPGI wasn’t a clear indicator of Team Immunity’s skill level, let this tournament be the series that sets it in stone.

The players as individuals in this team are ridiculously talented. As a unit, they’re seemingly immune to any competition being thrown at them at the moment.

In Map 1, we saw Team Immunity take on Dakkas on Dakkas’ map pick – Cache. Screenshot_2.png

The game ended 16-2, but as I touched on previously, if Immunity’s CT side wasn’t ridiculously well structured, their utility wasn’t well managed and the players weren’t as skilled, this scoreline would’ve told a different story. It’s not that Dakkas couldn’t get onto the site – they were able to do that just fine, it’s just that Immunity’s retakes are ridiculously on point. Their utility usage, from HE nades, smokes, flashes, molotovs just stopped Dakkas from being able to do the damage that they had the potential to do, and the team cleaned up the rest with their gun play. If and when Dakkas did get on the site, their nades were able to get the Dakkas players into uncomfortable positions. The utility usage kept people out, or softened them up for the final blows. It just feels like Team Immunity are really well coordinated and whatever they do, whether on CT or T side, they’re able to do confidently because they seem to have fluent communications between players and the skill to back it.

Communication, utility usage, crossfire set ups and good aim are key to dominant CS games, whether on T or CT, and Immunity nailed it on Cache, and all of these elements were evident in their performance.

Standout player: Raizy. Once again, a phenomenal performance much like the first WPGI. With 21 kills/4 deaths, it’s hard to look past Raizy as the standout.

Moving onto Cobblestone, we saw a much more interesting match. Dakkas were able to put up a fight which lead to a close half time score, but after half, on their T side they just ran away with the game. Screenshot_3.png

Their CT side succumbed to Dakkas’ A hits, which happened quite often in the half. It served as a reminder that there is more than one site on Cobblestone. Honestly – Immunity’s CT side on Cobblestone looked vulnerable, and if it wasn’t for some bold individual play by Cara and Maddy to hold down sites, the scoreline could’ve been very different. Thankfully for iM, they were present and hitting shots which shut down the early momentum of the Dakkas’ T side.

Also special mention to Sarina for doing some insane damage from A ramp to the Dakkas players huddled in mid with a USP. It was a unique situation and you capitalized on it.

Although Immunity’s CT side succumbed to Dakkas’ T side in the first half, despite some insane plays, the T side on Cobblestone is where Immunity started to go nuts. Immunity was able to punish Dakkas’ CT side, which eventually lead them to the 16-8 scoreline. This obviously meant that Immunity were once again WPGI champions.

I don’t know what else there is to say about Immunity. I can’t keep harping on about their great CT sided performances (and T side too). What I do know is that they played exceptional Counter Strike once again, and proved why they are a tier above their competition (imo at least).

An interesting note – no team (so far) has been able to get double digits against Immunity. The closest team to do so was Dark_Sided in the last WPGI finals in one of the maps, with a score of 16-9, followed by Dakkas’ 16-8 on Cobblestone. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues, particularly if Immunity keep on improving on their already solid Counter Strike and widen their map pool (which is already seemingly wide as it is).

The standout players for Cobble were Cara and Maddy for sure. Phenomenal shots were hit to keep the CT half close.

If this trend for Immunity keeps going, we could see them be at the top for a while.

iM certain.

Last, but certainly not least….

A special mention to the guys at the Peanut Gallery Studio for the hard work they put in putting together the tournament, from the social media crew, to the server admin, to Jim and Peter spending their time casting the game and providing some questionable yet funny puns. You guys did great, yet again! Definitely looking forward to more tournaments.

Special congratulations to Team Immunity for successfully defending their crown as WPGI Champions, and well played to Dakkas and Corvidae.



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