Documentation of work published under websites

documenting my development as a writer by putting down all of my published works that has been put out on websites (doesn’t include work published on the blog)

(not in chronological publishing date order thing)




Novastream (2015)


State of the Aus Gaming Industry

Echo Fox & ESPN

IBP Bans

Violence in Video Games

Just Game (2016):

MLG Columbus

Echo Fox (2016 – 2017)

IBP Masters Preview

ELEAGUE Group B Preview

Tasty Whey Update

ELEAGUE Qualifier Preview

ESL NY Qual. Preview

Northern Arena Preview

MKLeo – Fighting Phenom

The Evolution of Justin Wong

Managing The Fox Den – Antonio Javier

ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational Preview

2017 Spring Split Week 9 Recap (LoL)


Investment in eSports

ESL One NYC Post Event Analysis

The Rise of Stewie2k and the arrival of autimatic

Documentation of Optic’s rise to the top of NA CS

Hypothesising What Would Happen If The Coaching Rule Was Reversed Tomorrow

IEM Sydney Preview

IEM Sydney Storylines

ESL Pro League Finals

Building FaZe

The Swedish Rollercoaster

Serious eSports

ELEAGUE Major Qualifer Predictions

To The Stars – The Astronomical Rise Of Astralis

Top 10 CS Players To Watch In 2017


SoaR Gaming (April 2017-present)

SoaR H1Z1 Fight for the Crown


SoaR H1Z1 Roster Change





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