Nightmare Fantasy

She wakes up

Her reflection greets her in the mirror

Sparkling brown eyes, shiny brown hair

A big beautiful smile

She tells her friends, she says

“I’m living in a fantasy.”

They wait

“A dream come true”

They nod slowly and smile at her

She strolls through the park, humming a song

Strangers look at her in shock and awe

She does not notice

At home, alone

She sits and she knits

A sweater for her husband

He comes home late

He does not expect her to be awake

He pats her head, she smells a odour on his sleeve

It smells of women’s perfume —


He walks past to grab a drink,

She smells the woman’s stink

She spots red on his neck

He moves head, she sees the peck

He closes the fridge and goes to kiss her goodnight

She pushes his head away


She stands up, and they engage

In a verbal crusade

He raises his hand

All of a sudden her fantasy crash lands


She wakes up the next morning

Her husband touches her

His hand feels foreign

She crawls out of bed

Her reflection greets her in the mirror

Bloodshot eyes, frizzly hair

The woman is worse for wear

The woman whispers

“A fantasy.”




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