Google define


An intense desire or enthusiasm for something

There is no better feeling

Than waking up with passion

Waking up with happiness and excitement

To undertake a certain task

And bask

In the satisfaction of feeding the passion

Feeding the desire

To go higher

And take the wonderful feeling

And riding it

Until that feeling starts bleeding

And when it starts bleeding

There’s no feeding


The leak becomes a steady flow of dark red blood

The steady flow becomes unsteady

And it waterfalls out

Doubt starts to sprout

Quality of work declines

And then you start to read between the lines

The passion has bled out

What you once loved

You hate

Before there was no hesitation

Now all you do is hesitate

To focus on your passion

Because it isn’t what it was

You can’t quite figure it out

But it’s simple

One day you woke up in the dark

You were unable to generate the spark

You once had

Now all it is to you, to me

Is darkness

Pitch black, empty





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