Her hair is red

Like Japanese Maple

Her lips are red

Like raspberries

Her nails are red

Like strawberries

Red is a colour associated with many emotions

Passion and love

Anger and malice

Her skin is red

Like chilli

Her eyes are red

Like fire

Her hands are red

Covered in blood

For the lady, red represents malice and anger

And passion

Passion sparked the fire in her eyes

Her passion for him

His actions sparked a second fire

Anger and malice, which took over

And instead of warming her like passion

This fire burned her

The lady huffed and puffed

Her hands covered in thick, dark blood

Her hair dyed a darker red, her skin covered

As if she had been painted

The colour resembles pomegranate

The fire of anger and malice fades from her eyes

From her heart

She looks to her hands and shakes

As if she’s been possessed

The fire, fully faded, is replaced by grey clouds, rain

And realisation

She has killed her main source of passion



I feel the rain drop too

A single drop, to wash away the blood

And cleanse my wound

As the sirens grow louder, I fade away

The loudest lullaby
















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