There once was a man

A very brave man

With a burning desire

To save people


The hero was deemed selfless

But he saw himself as selfish

By doing good he was igniting

Hope, for others

The torch, for himself

The torch to navigate the darkness


The hero encountered many evils

And overcame them all

There was no enemy undefeated

The hero struggled, yes

But he adapted

He overcame

He overcame them all

Except for one

One that he had ignored

One that had developed

One that had grown stronger

Alongside – nay



Contrary to belief

As he showed people light


Instead of igniting the torch

The way, the hope for himself

The flame stayed unlit

And the monster grew

Until they were one

And in the end, the hero asked

“Why can’t I have what they have?”

The beast inside replied

“Because we are one.”





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