Truth Serum

The Truth Serum

Can smell like fruit

Can taste bitter

Can smell strong

It can leave you weak

And leave your insides burning

The serum comes in many different forms

Alternating tastes

Different smells

Varying concentration

Same effect

It makes man tell the truth

The more that is taken

The more truths are told

I’m addicted to the truth

Telling it, rather

Hearing it is like poison

The liquid is my medicine

Serum side effects include

Memory loss

An ill feeling

They stop me

Why do they stop me

From drinking more serum?

My syrup

My serum

My elixir

As I drink my insides burn

Like wildfire

My vision blurs

But everything is clearer

It helps me tell the truth

To them

And to myself

The serum, nay, the remedy

To everything

The key

To freedom

Let me be truthful

To myself

For one more night

Let me drink my orange nectar

My bitter, burning nectar

Let me be free




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